I own a rental house in Barrie and I asked Joe if he could install a new furnace. Not only did Joe go out of his way to come to Barrie he suggested further energy savings and what a difference it made! Since then I have used Joe when dealing with any of my Clients.
Thanks Joe for your excellent service. I arrived home recently to find my home stifiling hot. A/C on the fritz. I quickly grabbed the Yellow Pages and found Comfort Heating. Joe was here in an hour, the A/C was fixed the house was cooling and my frustration subsided. He gave me some good advice about lowering energy costs and saving on future repairs by cleaning or replacing air filters and keeping drain hoses free from blockage. Things I didnt know (as a new homeowner) I thought his price was very reasonable and I will certainly call Comfort Heating again.
Comfort Heating roughed-in gas lines on my house addition for a gas stove, gas dryer, and gas fireplace. Way cheaper than upgrading the electrical. Later on in my reno project, Comfort Heating installed a beautiful gas fireplace that works on a thermostat. It not only heats the whole addition but “makes the room” with a the ambiance of real flames.